Our mission : optimize patient care by providing innovative treatments


Gercor concentrates its efforts on only one mission : clinical research.
Gercor’s doctors treat their patients with the latest treatments using new therapeutic weapons, paying attention to their efficiency and their tolerance.

Gercor’s first priority is immediate therapautic benefit for patients :
The goal of so-called phase II treatments is to prove the therapeutic effectiveness, to evaluate the effectiveness/safety, and to examine undesirable side effects.

The goal of so-called phase III treatments is to demonstrate the superiority of a treatment that has come out of phase II over the standard treatment of the cancer concerned.

Gercor is open to any initiative for an innovative therapeutic study
Any proposal for a new treatment made by any member doctor is assessed and then selected by the Scientific Council* by consensus and based on three criteria:
• how relevant it is
• how feasible it is
• how realistic it is

Thanks to its network, Gercor offers patients
easy access to its up-to-date treatments
To achieve this goal, Gercor :

– stimulates the inclusion into its network of the greatest number of physicians involved in the treatments it is conducting,

– offers vital logistical assistance to research physicians whose job is to direct and monitor the application of the treatments to patients.

Such help includes :

1. information transmission,
2. the drafting of administrative and financial requirements to do with each therapeutic trial,
3. the management of inclusion and randomization of patients for each trial,
4. filling in each patient’s data in the observation notebooks by our clinical research technicians,
5. filling each patient’s data in the data base,
6. organizing information sessions for each scientific committee,
7. presenting the results for publications or presentations at international congresses.


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