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How to log inYou can access the emergency room directly or by ambulance by calling 112.Triage and Color Codes: the traffic light for healthUpon arrival at the Emergency Department, the citizen receives an immediate assessment of the level of urgency by specifically trained nurses, with the attribution of the color code that establishes the priority of access to care based on the severity of the case and regardless of the order of arrival at the hospital.

This method is called “Triage” and is aimed at avoiding waiting for urgent cases.
Triage does not serve to reduce waiting times but to ensure that extremely serious patients do not have to wait precious minutes for life.RED code: very critical, life threatening, top priority, immediate access to treatment

YELLOW code: on average critical, presence of evolutionary risk, potential danger of life, performance that cannot be deferredGREEN code: not very critical, absence of evolutionary risks, deferrable servicesWHITE code: non-critical, non-urgent patients

IMPORTANTThe most serious patient takes precedence in the emergency room and not the one who arrives first.Arriving by ambulance at the emergency room does not mean being visited more quickly.

Return to the indexThe continuity of care service (formerly the Medical Guard)What’s this
It is the service that, in the absence of the family doctor, guarantees basic medical assistance for situations that cannot be deferred, that is, for those health problems for which one cannot wait until the opening of the doctor’s surgery. doctor or pediatrician of free choice.

The service is active at night or on holidays and days before holidays.The continuity of care doctor can:- carry out home visits that cannot be deferred- prescribe drugs indicated for non-deferrable therapies, or necessary for the continuation of therapy, the interruption of which could aggravate the person’s condition

– issue sickness certificates in cases of strict necessity and for a maximum period of three days- propose hospitalization.How to log inYou can access it through a dedicated telephone number that can be found at your Health Services Company.

The continuity of care doctor, based on the assessment of the expressed need, can respond by telephone advice, outpatient visit (where possible) or home visit.It is the doctor’s responsibility, also on the basis of national and / or regional guidelines, to assess whether a home visit is necessary.

When to callFor health problems that arise at night or on holidays and the day before holidays, when your doctor is not on duty, and for which you cannot wait.The service is active:at night:- from Monday to Sunday, from 20.00 to 08.00;at morning:- on the days before holidays, from 10.00 to 20.00;- on holidays, from 08.00 to 20.00.


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