SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater Review


Tankless water heaters have become more prevalent in recent times, and more people are leaving the traditional water heaters for the new tankless models. However, people find it hard to select from the various brands and models of tankless water heaters on the market today.

Just like with any other appliance, there are good tankless heaters, and there are bad ones. In this article, one of the best electric tankless water heater on the market today is critically reviewed, and all the features discussed in detail.



The SioGreen POU is very easy to install. Being a very compact heater, it doesn’t take too much space, and you can fit it into tight spaces in situations where there is no ample space available.

This electric tankless water heater comes with an instruction manual from the very comprehensive manufacturer; all you have to do is go through the instruction manual, and you will definitely get the hang of it.

Although you will most likely need the services of a plumber for this installation, the whole process is straightforward, and it takes no time to install.


When compared to other heaters, this SioGreen water heater saves more than sixty percent of the energy consumed by most water heaters. Its manner of operation is energy-efficient as it uses little power and produces sufficient heat for the users.

This makes the tankless heater an environmentally friendly one. Apart from the cost of running the heater, the initial price is also very reasonable.


One thing that water heaters need if you want them to last long is proper maintenance. SioGreen IR288 is made from durable materials, and since it doesn’t use a heating element, you don’t have to flush it regularly to keep it clean.

This is a significant feature for people who are always busy; you definitely want a tankless heater that won’t take a lot of your time and money for maintenance.


This is a very interesting feature, and it makes the SioGreen IR288 POU more desirable. In the automatic mode, it can calculate the level of power needed to heat your water to the desired temperature and automatically adjust the power.

All this is made possible through a technology that is unique to SioGreen heaters. On the other hand, you can adjust the current manually if you prefer. It is very important to get a water heater that will allow you to select how hot you want your water to be; this SioGreen heater gives you that control.


A common problem with tankless water heaters is the corrosion of the inner part of the heater, most notably the elements. However, with this heater, you won’t have a problem of element corrosion because it doesn’t even use elements to heat water. Instead of elements, it comes with a quartz infrared tube that produces heat efficiently without coming in contact with the metal. This makes it less likely for corrosion to occur.


  • It is straightforward to install
  • It performs well
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It is energy efficient


  • The flow rate could be better
  • It cannot heat as much water as tankless gas heaters


The SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater is perfect for you if what you want is a compact, functional, and energy-efficient electric tankless water heater. With all its amazing features, the heater comes at a reasonable price and is very durable.

Another common problem that people have with other electric tankless water heaters is that they do not produce a sufficient quantity of heated water.

Typically, electric tankless water heaters cannot heat as much water as gas powered tankless water heaters, but for an electric tankless water heater, the SioGreen IR288 produces large volumes of hot water whenever you need it.

People who have used the heater have testifies to its functionality and durability. So whenever you are ready to get your electric tankless water heater, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing the SioGreen IR288 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater.


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